Project Description

MIL-SPEC Plugs and Cables

Microwave Sensors are a single point electronic switch for ON/OFF action. They can be used for level control as well as detection of objects. This sensing principle can “see” through windows that are transparent to microwave energy. This makes the Microwave Sensors especially useful for application on very aggressive as well as hot products as the sensors do not have to come into direct contact with the process material

Materials in the industrial environment have various effects on microwave signals. For example, low level microwaves cannot penetrate metals, but are reflected by them. They are absorbed almost entirely by water, and to varying degrees by water based solutions or products that have a significant moisture content such as grain, wood products, etc.

Transmission losses increase with increasing dielectric constants and increase with increasing conductivity. For example, air transmits microwave with no loss while sea water provides extreme attenuation of the microwave energy. It is the material’s dielectric constant and conductivity that determine whether or not the material is a good candidate for microwave control.