Project Description

MIL-SPEC Plugs and Cables

Linear encoders from TR-Electronic capture linear movements in machinery, tools and moving equipment according to your specific requirements with different technologies. Linear displacement (Magnetostriction) measuring systems and absolute position sensors measure linear motion, e.g. in injection molding machines, Hydraulic cylinders, non contact and wear-free or incorporated directly into the hydraulic cylinder.

Cascadable displacement sensors positioned cutting machines. High-resolution absolute encoders with glass scale ensure accurate positioning of machine tools. And on phase difference measuring method based laser sensors bring stacker cranes in the storage and handling equipment very accurately into the desired position. Using linear encoders of TR-Electronic measuring almost wear-free paths and precisely control your machines and equipment to the desired position. This will increase the uptime of your equipment and ensure efficient production processes. They prevent costly production downtime and prolong equipment life

Analog outputs or different Fieldbus protocols are available.