Project Description

MIL-SPEC Plugs and Cables

A special challenge for rotary encoders is presented by potentially explosive atmospheres, for example in transfer systems in painting lines, filling/bagging plants, in flour mills, at fuel pumps in filling stations or in geothermal energy.

ATEX-compliant absolute rotary encoders with housings made of aluminium or stainless steel for hygienically sensitive applications. The housings comprise a flameproof enclosure and can be used even in the highest temperature class T6 in Zones 1 (gases) and 21 (dusts). Thanks to the enormous selection of interfaces, you will find the right rotary encoder for every requirement.

SIL3 Certification –
Increased safety for systems and people through SIL3 certificationThe currently valid Machinery Directive requires the distributor to provide a detailed assessment of system and process safety. Influences on the remainder of the operating process, the user and the environment must be taken into account. The safety requirements that must be technically fulfilled are defined on the basis of the determined risk level. The highest safety requirements apply for many applications in automation technology. Where people and machines share the same work area, the maximum safety potential is generally expected from the system. SIL3/PLe certification verifies that the relevant components are suitable for these requirements. This certification does not only apply to the finished component – the entire development and production process is part of the certification.